The Path of the Artist

I’ve always considered myself– even defined myself– as an artist, but interestingly enough, I only recently became serious about making a living at it.  With very little formal training in fine art, I’ve had to figure it out on my own, for the most part by trial and error.  I’ve been working on eight oil paintings for a time now, experimenting with different techniques to see what I can accomplish with oils; a couple are done, or at least close to it, while others are rather elaborate and finely detailed……. I feel as though I’m merely acting as their generator to ensure their fruition.

The experience of creating art and capturing specific nuances has been priceless.  I’m making progress, too, so here’s a peek!

This is a closeup of my work in progress, "Insanity We Trust", oil on canvas, 20"x20"

A small detail from my work in progress, "We Lose Everything in the End", oil on canvas, 28"x22"

Another detail from my work in progress, "We Lose Everything in the End"

2 responses to “The Path of the Artist

  • Jo Tyler

    Wonderful to see more of your work, Laura! One suggestion: can you make it so that people can post comments on individual paintings? I’m totally NOT tech-savvy, but maybe someone else could help you figure it out. You are an outstanding talent!! (And an amazingly cool person to boot!)

  • Nick Williams

    I’m a fan! I love your stuff, and as visually arresting as it all is… there is also a sense of the macabre. You know it’s good when you get the shivers looking at a piece, but you can’t pull yourself away from looking anyway.

    How many pieces do you have completed? You looking forward to a gallery showing?

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