I recently watched the documentary, “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child,” and was creatively inspired, to say the least! Basquiat’s paintings are filled with bold color, child-like drawings, and meaning usually surrounding themes of oppression, sometimes pertaining to his personal life, but mostly depicting a profound distaste for politics and social class. Pretty astonishing to know he was able at such a young age to perceive the world through such capacious eyes!

His story, like that of many artists, is a tragic one; he died from a heroine overdose shortly after a precocious rise to fame. He went from a teenage runaway, sleeping on park benches and living under cardboard boxes in Washington Square Park, to a successful, highbrow artist in a matter of a few short years, which must have been fantastic in a lot of ways, but surely not without a great deal of baggage……

Watching this film and reacquainting myself with the amazing work of Basquiat has inspired me to explore a freer style of painting, not confined by the constraints of a beautiful face, or a form that requires every angle to be just so– but not before doing a realistic portrait first. Haha


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