St. Cloud Art Crawl

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on building a portfolio worthy of approaching a gallery with for some time now. The target date to begin marketing myself as an artist has been tentatively set for fall of 2012, but when a friend asked me to be the featured artist at Seven Elephants Coffee in St. Cloud for the upcoming Art Crawl (Friday, June 15), of course I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m considering it a preview of sorts, since my collection to this point is incomplete. My ultimate goal is to have a tightly cohesive body of work to showcase; but for now I’ll be showing a slew of very different styles of work, from realistic pencil drawings, to surreal paintings, to the ethereal. It might be a bit disjointed, but isn’t everything in life a bit of that? And shouldn’t art reflect the truth? (did my tongue in my cheek translate through the text??)

Here are a few fun little items that I’ve been working on:

Oodles of mini Giclee prints on canvas, packaged in black organza bags

A little business card box, painted black, varnished, and decorated with a paper flower

“Please Take One”

Cute Little Box

Hand-made Business Cards


2 responses to “St. Cloud Art Crawl

  • yz art gallery

    How exciting! Very happy for you! And June 15 is just around the corner. I just recently read the statistics that artist approaches approximately 12 galleries till his work will be finally accepted. It so wonderful when Universe pushes us forward. Best wishes, Yelena

  • L.E. Amatulli

    Thank you, Yelena! Yes, I’m very excited! That’s an interesting statistic about having to approach 12 galleries before being accepted– such a tough business. Anyway, I suppose it’s beneficial for the aspiring artist to remember that it takes time and perseverance in the face of rejection to get work into a gallery and to just keep pressing on. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Cheers!

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