Birds are fascinating, aren’t they? Some are undeniably clever, like crows for example, who when tested have proven themselves astute enough to actually fashion tools out of random materials in order to reach obscurely placed morsels of food. Male Bowerbirds build attractive hut-like nests, complete with soft ferns cushioning the ground, adorned with bright flowers and other fancy, little objects, all in an attempt to attract a mate. And then there are birds, such as the Lyre, who can mimic approximately twenty other species with such extraordinary accuracy that even those she’s mimicking are fooled! Devastatingly, she’s also been captured on camera perfectly mimicking the sound of a chainsaw…..

Of course, every sentient being is worthy of respect, regardless of talent, intellect, or outstanding attributes, but the above examples serve to illustrate the point that humans, while certainly peculiar, are not the only meritorious species on the planet; it boils down to mere differences in the many ways of, just…. “being.”

Below is my new oil painting, a study I’m calling “Bird.” Hope you enjoy!

“Bird” Oil on Canvas, 16×20″ ©L.E. Amatulli

(Click on the pic to enlarge)

Thanks for viewing!

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