Mermaids ‘n’ Pirates

About fifteen years ago in Columbus, Ohio– Grandview, to be precise, I would sit in my two bedroom apartment for hours and hours, long into the night, sculpting random, tiny, little busts.  My stomach would growl, I’d think about getting up to eat, but I literally couldn’t put these things down.  I was entranced. But, unfortunately, not very skilled.

I’d make weird, little bits and bobs, usually strange, ape-like super-heros, or fairies, a particularly creepy one of which I gave to a man that put a spell on me, another to a bestie, but I really think I’ve found my niche with these mermaids and pirates!  They’re playful and fun.  My mother said they made her smile, so I’m pretty sure they’re cute as can be– I mean, my mother has a PhD for goodness’ sake, which pretty much makes her an authority on, like, everything? <end sarcasm> *bows flamboyantly* *note to self: you’re a dork.

Edwardian Maid, © Laura Elizabeth, 2014


Back of the head



“Pink” © Laura Elizabeth

Little Mermaids hanging on an uber-sparkly, shiny display that I made for them. I’ll make a third mermaid and add a few other cutesy, little decorations.

A bit blurry, but it gives the general idea:))

A bit blurry, but it gives the general idea:))

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