Prints Available For Sale

Yes, I have prints for sale, and I want you to want them like cold mangos on a hot day. This is, in part, due to the fact that I recently moved into an amazing artist loft, and now i’ve got to pay for it. Bump-bum-baaaa!  And there it is: the money.  It always comes down to the money, doesn’t it. Horrible stuff, yet i need so much of it!! Could it be that my career path as a starving artist was…. misguided??

I dunno, but I’m pretty sure you need some art in your life.  Yes, YOU, gazing lovingly into the eyes of your electronical device.

Anyway, think on it.  I have lots to choose from and will be posting goodies all week, because I’m here all week, folks.  *taps microphone* Is this thing on?!

Here’s an 8×10″ print of my piece “Dia de los Muertos: Poppies”.  It’s mounted onto a  cradled wooden panel, painted and varnished, numbered and signed, ready to hang for $88. They’re slick and substantial. I also have prints that are not mounted for $22. Contact me if you’re interested!


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