Bits ‘n’ Bobs For Sale!

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’ll get right to the point since there are two tiny winter break elves waiting rather impatiently for me to take them ice skating.

So I just finished organizing my studio, and was surprised to find so many pieces of artwork left over from various shows and exhibits I’ve done over the years!  I can’t be sitting on artwork when I have bills ta pay, ‘n’ mouths ta feed! So I sorted it all, and here’s what I found: 


8×5″ Print of “Fille” $15



8×5″ black and white print of “Fille” $15 artbylauraelizabeth@gmail  Purchases secured through PayPal; you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, but it only takes a minute to set it up if you wanted one.




Mini Tins, $5.00 ea. To see individual tins go here:


Omg, the tiniest print ever!! So cute! “Flowers for Klimt” print, teenybytiny (approximately 4 x 3″), mounted onto wooden panel, painted, varnished, ready to hang: $8.50, Or go to Gumball Collective in Northeast Minneapolis!




“Flowers in the Mausoleum” 8×5″ print mounted on canvas, painted, and varnished.


My jammed packed studio says to “BUY ALL THE THINGSSS!!”

Thanks for viewing!! <3


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