Bits ‘n’ Bobs For Sale!

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’ll get right to the point since there are two tiny winter break elves waiting rather impatiently for me to take them ice skating.

So I just finished organizing my studio, and was surprised to find so many pieces of artwork left over from various shows and exhibits I’ve done over the years!  I can’t be sitting on artwork when I have bills ta pay, ‘n’ mouths ta feed! So I sorted it all, and here’s what I found: 


8×5″ Print of “Fille” $15



8×5″ black and white print of “Fille” $15 artbylauraelizabeth@gmail  Purchases secured through PayPal; you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, but it only takes a minute to set it up if you wanted one.




Mini Tins, $5.00 ea. To see individual tins go here:


Omg, the tiniest print ever!! So cute! “Flowers for Klimt” print, teenybytiny (approximately 4 x 3″), mounted onto wooden panel, painted, varnished, ready to hang: $8.50, Or go to Gumball Collective in Northeast Minneapolis!




“Flowers in the Mausoleum” 8×5″ print mounted on canvas, painted, and varnished.


My jammed packed studio says to “BUY ALL THE THINGSSS!!”

Thanks for viewing!! ❤


“We Hammer Out Tunes to Make Bears Dance When we Long to Move the Stars”


My maternal Grandmother had exquisite handwriting. It’s art in and of itself. Absolutely meticulous.

She was a fascinating woman; eccentric, impossible, a voracious reader, a loner, an athlete, among many other things….. She was a swimmer in Billy Rose’s “Aquacade” in the 1940’s.

But above all, she was an artist. She produced painstakingly precise pieces of artwork.  She was definitely unique, something to be admired from afar; a distant glance was often the only thing she had to offer, her cat eye liquid liner always right on point. Social visits were kept brief, yet she possessed a graceful manner.

I would say something, like “she will be sorely missed,” or maybe rave about her commitment to community, or how many lives she touched, but it wouldn’t be true…. She didn’t much care for people and chose instead to spend her life with dogs– and who can really blame her? Humans are highly complicated, while dogs typically aren’t.  It’s a safe kind of love and it’s genuine.

I don’t fault her for the way that she was, though some family members certainly do. I don’t know how she could have been anything other than herself.

I reserve judgement, and accept her for who she was.

She intrigued me, but I never felt she owed me a relationship of any kind. It just didn’t even occur to me that she should want to see me more often; I was just happy on rare occasion to flip through glamorous old photo albums and hear about the Aquacade, and what it was like moving from Ohio to New York at such a young age.

I’m sorry that you’re gone, you rare beautiful bird.  No more pain. ❤

The Ghosts of Bar Harbor

Prints Coming SOON! ©Laura Elizabeth, 2015IMG_20151217_145943.jpg

Thanks for viewing!  -Oh, and she’s not actually fully complete at this point; I have to add a few simple details, but I’m impatient and wanted to share with you!!  Much love! ❤

Partying with Paint. And Wine.

Hey everybody!  Hope you’re well, and enjoying the brisk winter weather.

Here in Minneapolis it’s cold af. Which is why we’re all so chill here.  Sure, we like to hang outside, but more than that, we like to hang inside during the colder months of the year. Preferably by a fire with lotsa wine.

Considering all of the above, I’m going to be hosting/ teaching a series of intimate painting party/ classes, complete with wine, ambiance, and good company.

I have room enough to host a group no larger than seven.

The party starts in my kitchen:


Mini easels, primed, wooden panels to paint on, these events are fun!  If you live in the cities and want to do this with me, shoot me an email and we’ll set it up!

New Art Prints for Sale

This is an 8×10″ print of my piece “The Hunt” mounted onto a cradled wooden panel, painted and varnished, numbered and signed, ready to hang for $88. I also have prints that are not mounted for $22. Email me @


Prints Available For Sale

Yes, I have prints for sale, and I want you to want them like cold mangos on a hot day. This is, in part, due to the fact that I recently moved into an amazing artist loft, and now i’ve got to pay for it. Bump-bum-baaaa!  And there it is: the money.  It always comes down to the money, doesn’t it. Horrible stuff, yet i need so much of it!! Could it be that my career path as a starving artist was…. misguided??

I dunno, but I’m pretty sure you need some art in your life.  Yes, YOU, gazing lovingly into the eyes of your electronical device.

Anyway, think on it.  I have lots to choose from and will be posting goodies all week, because I’m here all week, folks.  *taps microphone* Is this thing on?!

Here’s an 8×10″ print of my piece “Dia de los Muertos: Poppies”.  It’s mounted onto a  cradled wooden panel, painted and varnished, numbered and signed, ready to hang for $88. They’re slick and substantial. I also have prints that are not mounted for $22. Contact me if you’re interested!

Numbered and Signed Prints For Sale

Hey, guys! Happy day after Thanksgiving!

I have artwork to sell:  I have 6×6″ prints of my paintings “Joe,” “Klimtian Maid,” and “Klimtian Whale” all mounted onto cradled wooden panels, painted and varnished, numbered and signed, ready to hang for $68. I also have prints that are not mounted for $22.

Message me @ if interested!









Name Changes, and Little Ophelia

Hey there, friends, family, and fellow bloggers! So I thought I should let you all know, to avoid any confusion, that I changed my art name from L.E. Amatulli to Laura Elizabeth.  It rolls off the tongue more gently, and people can spell it, damnit– heck, they might even be able to remember it!  Which happens to be a necessary part of being a successful artist, so there’s that.

And now, here’s a new piece of artwork called “Little Ophelia.” Thanks for viewing! ❤

"Little Ophelia" © Laura Elizabeth, 2015

“Little Ophelia” © Laura Elizabeth, 2015

Muertos III: Final

Laura Elizabeth, Visual Artist

"Muertos III" ©Laura Elizabeth, 2014 “Muertos III” ©Laura Elizabeth, 2014

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Little Boy, Big Woods

Almost done with this one.  Graphite on paper, ©Laura Elizabeth 2015


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