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Mermaids ‘n’ Pirates

About fifteen years ago in Columbus, Ohio– Grandview, to be precise, I would sit in my two bedroom apartment for hours and hours, long into the night, sculpting random, tiny, little busts.  My stomach would growl, I’d think about getting up to eat, but I literally couldn’t put these things down.  I was entranced. But, unfortunately, not very skilled.

I’d make weird, little bits and bobs, usually strange, ape-like super-heros, or fairies, a particularly creepy one of which I gave to a man that put a spell on me, another to a bestie, but I really think I’ve found my niche with these mermaids and pirates!  They’re playful and fun.  My mother said they made her smile, so I’m pretty sure they’re cute as can be– I mean, my mother has a PhD for goodness’ sake, which pretty much makes her an authority on, like, everything? <end sarcasm> *bows flamboyantly* *note to self: you’re a dork.

Edwardian Maid, © Laura Elizabeth, 2014


Back of the head



“Pink” © Laura Elizabeth

Little Mermaids hanging on an uber-sparkly, shiny display that I made for them. I’ll make a third mermaid and add a few other cutesy, little decorations.

A bit blurry, but it gives the general idea:))

A bit blurry, but it gives the general idea:))

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos (for all you gringos out there, it’s “Day of the Dead”;)) is a Mexican holiday focused around remembering loved ones who have died. So I saw online that the gallery, Altered Esthetics in NE Minneapolis, was holding an open call for artists to participate in their Dia de los Muertos show on November 1, 2012.

I was told that as long as the piece fits in with the theme, it’s a shoe-in, so participating in the show wouldn’t necessarily be something that I could include on my resume, but I was interested in participating anyway because, like most artists, I’m a bit obsessed with themes that revolve around death, and I just so happened to have a piece that fit with the theme:

“Separation of Earth and State,” Muertos Show, Altered Esthetics

So there it is. I’m looking forward to the day when I can share some really exciting news about my work with you all, but for now, every little bit of exposure is much appreciated.

Thanks so much for viewing!

Separation of Earth and State

Sculpture is something that I’ve always been interested in, and as far back as I can remember, I would sit for hours upon hours just completely immersed in sculpting little human heads and busts out of Sculpey clay.  So I decided to combine two art forms that I love: Painting and sculpture.  The result is my new painting, “Separation of Earth and State;” the head and breast are little sculptures that I mounted onto the canvas and painted.  It was such a fun and interesting process, something I’ll surely try again.

Thanks for veiwing!

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